Qingdao Dichtungtek Co.,Ltd.

Technical Department

DTK technical dept. constantly keep in touch with our customers’ technical dept. and take charge of all the steps that have to be taken before series production due to our 20-year experience engineers, including: design drawing, compound development, samples making and pre-series production. And also our engineers cooperate with our customers to develop the best solution and supervise every modification during the life of item.

Production Department

DTK production department includes two parts: vulcanization dept. and finishing dept.

Vulcanization dept. has moulding machines to guarantee the production sealing parts :

- moulding machines for injection;

- compression moulding machines.

Finishing department is the next process after vulcanization, to post cure and deflash items. With our equipments and experiences, surface treatments can be taken to satisfy the request of customers.

Quality Assurance Department(Q.A.)

DTK Q.A. is the core of our quality. With the goal of 0 defect, our quality engineers are delegated into different processes, such as incoming material warehouse, vulcanization, finishing, final inspection, and finished parts warehouse, to take charge of quality control.

100% inspection of finished parts and section inspection of incoming material is the usual action we take.

Logistics Department

DTK logistics department offer the best logistic solution to our customers including express, air freight, sea freight, air-sea freight ect. Our highly-experienced employees are able to ensure 0 delay in transportation.


The inspection of finished parts is a key-phase of every production process aimed at guaranteeing the requested quality level on each item. Selection, either manual or automatic, is performed internally on 100% of each production lot. In our automatic selection department there are 11 optic inspection machines able to check surface quality and dimensional parameters both of o-rings and of parts at drawing. Shall manual selection be necessary (for instance, in case of parts of large dimension), DTK can rely on highly-experienced employees.

Moulding Department

DTK moulding department is the heart of the whole company, as well as the area to which the largest investments are always allocated and the utmost attention has been constantly addressed. Its facilities are the most state-of-the-heart as far as setting, regulation, monitoring and recording of process parameters are concerned, in order to guarantee constancy during moulding process and homogeneity of results, necessary when high-selling volumes are involved.